Hebei Province vigorously promote agricultural project

This year, Hebei Province will vigorously promote the wisdom of agricultural pilot project. Optimize the provincial agricultural science and technology integrated service platform, providing set display, monitoring, early warning, control, management and other functions in one of the integrated Internet of things services. Relying on the modern agricultural park, the main grain producing areas and state-owned farmland, to carry out agricultural applications networking demonstration, the establishment of field cultivation, facilities, horticulture, livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture networking demonstration base. In the Beijing and Tianjin to promote large-scale network of environmental monitoring system. Improve the wisdom of agricultural machinery, fishing fishing port management system construction. Support and guide the new agricultural management and farmers to carry out intelligent water-saving irrigation, precision fertilization, precision feeding and other precision work.

Implementation of agricultural e – commerce demonstration project. And actively introduce well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to enter the field of agriculture, pay attention to cultivate a comprehensive platform for local agricultural e-commerce, to speed up the local business platform and the village-level electricity service station construction. Encourage the new agricultural management of the main use of the Internet new thinking, transformation of circulation, management and management. To carry out agricultural e-commerce pilot demonstration, to promote online marketing and offline experience integrated business model, the formation of a number of influential agricultural e-commerce leading enterprises and brands.

Strengthen the pilot project of large agricultural data. To explore the effective ways of government and social subjects to build large agricultural data, strengthen the government and social capital cooperation (PPP model) system design, explore the new data construction and operation of a new model. Improve the provincial agricultural data center, the establishment of the province’s agricultural statistical analysis database, the development of provincial key agricultural market information platform and early warning analysis platform, timely release of market risk warning information.

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