Alibaba Jiangsu headquarter has settled in Jianye

To implement the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between Jiangsu Province and Alibaba Group, to promote the effective cooperation between the two sides of the specific land, yesterday afternoon, Jianye District Government and Alibaba Group signed an investment agreement in Hangzhou, Alibaba Jiangsu headquarters project settled in Nanjing, the site Jian Ye.

On October 16 last year, the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the core technology platform and strategic emerging industries effective docking for the development of both sides to provide strong support. Since the establishment of strategic cooperation, Alibaba Group exports the world’s leading cloud computing and large data core technology and platform resources, through the payment of Baocheng city services, manufacturing transformation 133 projects and other projects to help Jiangsu Province to enhance the Internet government service capabilities; to promote the traditional manufacturing, Software industry enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading; in the retail electricity business, cross-border trade, innovation and entrepreneurship, logistics network and other aspects of comprehensive cooperation, and achieved good results.

In order to actively implement the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to speed up the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement, under the leadership of the municipal government, Jianye District was set up by the district, district government leaders led the main team, active docking, close follow- Front service, and Alibaba Group to visit each other several times, carried out a number of highly efficient and pragmatic negotiations, Alibaba Group decided to set the headquarters of Jiangsu headquarters in Nanjing Jianye.

At the signing ceremony, Alibaba Group partners, senior vice president, chief customer officer Wu Minzhi on Jiangsu Province, Nanjing and Jianye District government’s support for the support, and pointed out that “this cooperation with Jianye District is Alibaba history All the projects with the government are the most efficient and quickest. “

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