How to break through the e-commerce platform of flowers

Spend your money to buy the fleeting beauty. This is probably all the flowers of electric business on their own position, since the birth of flowers merchants will strive to nurture the user for the purchase of flowers demand, but when a little improvement, the problem suddenly appeared, so that flowers and consumers all the way frustrated.

Yes, just in the past 618 big promotion, flower power merchants Flowerplus to seize the opportunity to promote, homeopathy launched a “limited time 0 yuan spike, new products straight down 50 yuan” promotional activities. But the follow-up development seems to counterproductive, in the microblogging, watercress and other platforms, many users reflect the quality of flowers have problems, is caused by excessive loss of logistics or flowers origin of the problem, the need for further argument.

In addition, at the beginning of this year, the goddess of high round investment to spend some time flower business platform is also questioned the use of promotional activities to obtain the basic information of users, “no threshold” to receive the contents of the activities of the flowers after the user has become a “threshold ” Time and then back to last year, August 29, 2016, the new three board “flowers electric business first shares” love still flowers in the disclosure of 2016 semi-annual report, exposing Taobao brush single, sometimes caught in public opinion whirlpool, at the same time, six months Inside, love still flowers loss of 19 million yuan.

From quality to marketing and then to profit, flowers electric step by step the wrong chess, in this transparent tricky market is more and more open, these “family ugly” so that they are difficult to speak. It is noteworthy that, in the iResearch report, the satisfaction of the survey results show that the satisfaction rate of up to 8.0, the minimum satisfaction of 7.1, that is, the current satisfaction is generally retained in the high Level.

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