Mobike denies the acquisition of Unibike

For the so-called informed sources yesterday, “Mabe bike will be completed recently by your bike (UniBike) acquisition” message, Mumbai bike to reporters responded that “the report is not accurate.” According to reports, “to speed up the pace of urban development at home and abroad” or the current focus of development.

From the two major initiatives of the two major leaders, the operation of industrial capital behind it has begun to come to the front, whether it is Tencent and Matthew, or betweeno and ants and drops, business linkage has been more closely. And these super-app traffic control capabilities have begun to push the market’s natural elimination.

After Obama received a new round of more than 600 million US dollars of financing, Mokai cycling co-founder and CEO Wang Xiaofeng has revealed that one of the main purposes of financing is to accelerate the internationalization process, plans to serve the end of 2017 200 cities around the world. Less than a week after the financing, Mabai announced the entry into Japan, and has set up a branch in Fukuoka City, Japan. This is the third overseas market after Singapore and the United Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that, in the previous Tencent chairman Ma and the Jinshajiang venture capital partner Zhu Xiaohu’s “pair”, the former is the leader of the financing of the Bordeaux round of financing, the latter is the financing of the line of funding representatives, The focus of the dispute is the two companies market prospects.

“Tencent will continue to open the core resources, including WeChat, for the motorcycles continue to provide growth momentum, to help the motorbike bike innovation and business expansion.”

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