Change the way of consumption

In accordance with the agreement signed by the Wuhan Municipal Government and the Ant Financial Services Group, Wuhan City, 8,000 bus, will gradually realize the brush to pay treasure, of which the main city of 5000 buses will be completed by the end of June this year. In addition, the Wuhan Metro 5 lines 28 key stations to support Alipay purchase, high-speed rail, ferry, parking, network bus, shared cycling and other nine travel scenarios, will achieve Alipay payment. In addition, in the government, medical, education, social security and other public services, but also can support non-cash payment.
In 2016, Guiyang became the first batch of “National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank of China formally approved the first” mobile e-commerce financial technology services innovation pilot city. ” Over the past year, Guiyang City in financial innovation, urban planning, clean government, health food, smart cards and other aspects of a good breakthrough.
It is understood that the Guiyang City Commercial Bank business hall, residents of the community, part of the large and medium enterprises are being arranged to receive electronic cash self-service vending machines, water dispenser, just brush about the phone will be able to pay to buy. In addition, the phone can also pay electricity and electricity charges, telephone charges, property fees, radio and television viewing fees, enjoy the super transfer function. Guiyang City is also committed to building a “smart city” that covers people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and business activities, creating a better life and promoting the harmony and sustainable development of the city.
And “no cash” in the international community has long been the trend of the trend. The Danish government has recently released a series of programs, from January 1, 2017, the Danish central bank has closed its all in the Danish printing department, the future is no longer printed and produced, including notes and coins, including Danish kroner cash, No cash life has been further deepened.
Denmark has a very well-known advertising: a young girl stepping on the skateboarding supermarket, from the election of drinks to pay, only dig a look at the phone, and even did not stop the skateboard, it is easy to complete all this.

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