Jingdong logistics warehousing and ancillary facilities

Warehousing industry as a link to the supply side and the demand side of the basic link, in order to meet the new economic development requirements of China, deep integration of warehousing resources, “Internet + warehousing”, warehouse with integrated operation, low temperature storage and cold chain logistics network, Warehousing and distribution of green development, etc., the need for further innovation and development model and operational mechanism to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the storage industry, the overall performance improvement.

After 10 years of distribution and development, Jingdong logistics through self-construction and cooperation to create a nationwide coverage of small pieces, large, cold chain, B2B, cross-border and crowdsourcing (Dada) six logistics network. At present, Jingdong has nine major intelligent logistics center in the country, “Asia One”, is the largest in Asia, the largest degree of automation, one of the modern logistics center, at the same time, the country also operates 263 large warehouses, With nearly 7,000 distribution stations and since the mention point.

Over the next five years, Jingdong Logistics will also expand the logistics center area of ​​more than 50 million square meters, the construction of cross-regional aviation logistics network, expanding 15 times the current cold storage area, operating more than 20 self-employed overseas warehouse and cover more than 100 countries and Region, B2B logistics network will cover more than 300 cities, the future Jingdong logistics will be in the country every 150 km to build a logistics center, so that electricity business shopping “at your fingertips.”

Analysis of the industry, Jingdong logistics was “2016 national warehousing enterprises 100” ranked first in the award, thanks to the past 10 years Jingdong logistics hard skills, to create the most retail supply chain system. The future of Jingdong logistics will be through the output of the ability to work with a number of partners to build a logistics, electricity, insurance, data, technology, including the wisdom of the supply chain value network, and become the most trusted partners of the wisdom of the supply chain Solution provider.

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