Hebei Province vigorously promote agricultural project

This year, Hebei Province will vigorously promote the wisdom of agricultural pilot project. Optimize the provincial agricultural science and technology integrated service platform, providing set display, monitoring, early warning, control, management and other functions in one of the integrated Internet of things services. Relying on the modern agricultural park, the main grain producing areas and state-owned farmland, to carry out agricultural applications networking demonstration, the establishment of field cultivation, facilities, horticulture, livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture networking demonstration base. In the Beijing and Tianjin to promote large-scale network of environmental monitoring system. Improve the wisdom of agricultural machinery, fishing fishing port management system construction. Support and guide the new agricultural management and farmers to carry out intelligent water-saving irrigation, precision fertilization, precision feeding and other precision work.

Implementation of agricultural e – commerce demonstration project. And actively introduce well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to enter the field of agriculture, pay attention to cultivate a comprehensive platform for local agricultural e-commerce, to speed up the local business platform and the village-level electricity service station construction. Encourage the new agricultural management of the main use of the Internet new thinking, transformation of circulation, management and management. To carry out agricultural e-commerce pilot demonstration, to promote online marketing and offline experience integrated business model, the formation of a number of influential agricultural e-commerce leading enterprises and brands.

Strengthen the pilot project of large agricultural data. To explore the effective ways of government and social subjects to build large agricultural data, strengthen the government and social capital cooperation (PPP model) system design, explore the new data construction and operation of a new model. Improve the provincial agricultural data center, the establishment of the province’s agricultural statistical analysis database, the development of provincial key agricultural market information platform and early warning analysis platform, timely release of market risk warning information.

Alibaba Jiangsu headquarter has settled in Jianye

To implement the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between Jiangsu Province and Alibaba Group, to promote the effective cooperation between the two sides of the specific land, yesterday afternoon, Jianye District Government and Alibaba Group signed an investment agreement in Hangzhou, Alibaba Jiangsu headquarters project settled in Nanjing, the site Jian Ye.

On October 16 last year, the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the core technology platform and strategic emerging industries effective docking for the development of both sides to provide strong support. Since the establishment of strategic cooperation, Alibaba Group exports the world’s leading cloud computing and large data core technology and platform resources, through the payment of Baocheng city services, manufacturing transformation 133 projects and other projects to help Jiangsu Province to enhance the Internet government service capabilities; to promote the traditional manufacturing, Software industry enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading; in the retail electricity business, cross-border trade, innovation and entrepreneurship, logistics network and other aspects of comprehensive cooperation, and achieved good results.

In order to actively implement the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to speed up the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement, under the leadership of the municipal government, Jianye District was set up by the district, district government leaders led the main team, active docking, close follow- Front service, and Alibaba Group to visit each other several times, carried out a number of highly efficient and pragmatic negotiations, Alibaba Group decided to set the headquarters of Jiangsu headquarters in Nanjing Jianye.

At the signing ceremony, Alibaba Group partners, senior vice president, chief customer officer Wu Minzhi on Jiangsu Province, Nanjing and Jianye District government’s support for the support, and pointed out that “this cooperation with Jianye District is Alibaba history All the projects with the government are the most efficient and quickest. “

How to break through the e-commerce platform of flowers

Spend your money to buy the fleeting beauty. This is probably all the flowers of electric business on their own position, since the birth of flowers merchants will strive to nurture the user for the purchase of flowers demand, but when a little improvement, the problem suddenly appeared, so that flowers and consumers all the way frustrated.

Yes, just in the past 618 big promotion, flower power merchants Flowerplus to seize the opportunity to promote, homeopathy launched a “limited time 0 yuan spike, new products straight down 50 yuan” promotional activities. But the follow-up development seems to counterproductive, in the microblogging, watercress and other platforms, many users reflect the quality of flowers have problems, is caused by excessive loss of logistics or flowers origin of the problem, the need for further argument.

In addition, at the beginning of this year, the goddess of high round investment to spend some time flower business platform is also questioned the use of promotional activities to obtain the basic information of users, “no threshold” to receive the contents of the activities of the flowers after the user has become a “threshold ” Time and then back to last year, August 29, 2016, the new three board “flowers electric business first shares” love still flowers in the disclosure of 2016 semi-annual report, exposing Taobao brush single, sometimes caught in public opinion whirlpool, at the same time, six months Inside, love still flowers loss of 19 million yuan.

From quality to marketing and then to profit, flowers electric step by step the wrong chess, in this transparent tricky market is more and more open, these “family ugly” so that they are difficult to speak. It is noteworthy that, in the iResearch report, the satisfaction of the survey results show that the satisfaction rate of up to 8.0, the minimum satisfaction of 7.1, that is, the current satisfaction is generally retained in the high Level.

Jack Ma appeared on the streets of New York

Ma Dayton recently in the United States, told reporters at the SME Forum, Ali will officially start in the United States business, to honor millions of employment commitments for the US small and medium enterprises to open shop. Ma mentioned in his speech that California’s former governor, Schwarzenegger, had personally thanked Ma for Alibaba for more than 20,000 jobs in California.

Ma’s speech triggered the scene from the 3000 small businesses, farmers resonate. Although China is one of the world’s largest consumer markets, the difficulty of international trade is very large for ordinary businesses and businesses, and the entire Detroit hotel is booked during the forum.

And in the forum compared to the suit, the private horse is more casual, did not see the world’s richest shelves, the media photographed a few days ago in the United States Ma travel photos, from the picture we see Ma pedal Cloth shoes Diao Sung mirror, wearing a casual T-shirt, the slightest section, the side of the sunglasses male should be a bodyguard.

Also in Ma behind the men accused of the famous Chinese businessman Huang Youlong, it is learned that its business expanded widely, perhaps in order to carry out preparations for the European and American markets.

Mobike denies the acquisition of Unibike

For the so-called informed sources yesterday, “Mabe bike will be completed recently by your bike (UniBike) acquisition” message, Mumbai bike to reporters responded that “the report is not accurate.” According to reports, “to speed up the pace of urban development at home and abroad” or the current focus of development.

From the two major initiatives of the two major leaders, the operation of industrial capital behind it has begun to come to the front, whether it is Tencent and Matthew, or betweeno and ants and drops, business linkage has been more closely. And these super-app traffic control capabilities have begun to push the market’s natural elimination.

After Obama received a new round of more than 600 million US dollars of financing, Mokai cycling co-founder and CEO Wang Xiaofeng has revealed that one of the main purposes of financing is to accelerate the internationalization process, plans to serve the end of 2017 200 cities around the world. Less than a week after the financing, Mabai announced the entry into Japan, and has set up a branch in Fukuoka City, Japan. This is the third overseas market after Singapore and the United Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that, in the previous Tencent chairman Ma and the Jinshajiang venture capital partner Zhu Xiaohu’s “pair”, the former is the leader of the financing of the Bordeaux round of financing, the latter is the financing of the line of funding representatives, The focus of the dispute is the two companies market prospects.

“Tencent will continue to open the core resources, including WeChat, for the motorcycles continue to provide growth momentum, to help the motorbike bike innovation and business expansion.”

Change the way of consumption

In accordance with the agreement signed by the Wuhan Municipal Government and the Ant Financial Services Group, Wuhan City, 8,000 bus, will gradually realize the brush to pay treasure, of which the main city of 5000 buses will be completed by the end of June this year. In addition, the Wuhan Metro 5 lines 28 key stations to support Alipay purchase, high-speed rail, ferry, parking, network bus, shared cycling and other nine travel scenarios, will achieve Alipay payment. In addition, in the government, medical, education, social security and other public services, but also can support non-cash payment.
In 2016, Guiyang became the first batch of “National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank of China formally approved the first” mobile e-commerce financial technology services innovation pilot city. ” Over the past year, Guiyang City in financial innovation, urban planning, clean government, health food, smart cards and other aspects of a good breakthrough.
It is understood that the Guiyang City Commercial Bank business hall, residents of the community, part of the large and medium enterprises are being arranged to receive electronic cash self-service vending machines, water dispenser, just brush about the phone will be able to pay to buy. In addition, the phone can also pay electricity and electricity charges, telephone charges, property fees, radio and television viewing fees, enjoy the super transfer function. Guiyang City is also committed to building a “smart city” that covers people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and business activities, creating a better life and promoting the harmony and sustainable development of the city.
And “no cash” in the international community has long been the trend of the trend. The Danish government has recently released a series of programs, from January 1, 2017, the Danish central bank has closed its all in the Danish printing department, the future is no longer printed and produced, including notes and coins, including Danish kroner cash, No cash life has been further deepened.
Denmark has a very well-known advertising: a young girl stepping on the skateboarding supermarket, from the election of drinks to pay, only dig a look at the phone, and even did not stop the skateboard, it is easy to complete all this.

Jingdong logistics warehousing and ancillary facilities

Warehousing industry as a link to the supply side and the demand side of the basic link, in order to meet the new economic development requirements of China, deep integration of warehousing resources, “Internet + warehousing”, warehouse with integrated operation, low temperature storage and cold chain logistics network, Warehousing and distribution of green development, etc., the need for further innovation and development model and operational mechanism to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the storage industry, the overall performance improvement.

After 10 years of distribution and development, Jingdong logistics through self-construction and cooperation to create a nationwide coverage of small pieces, large, cold chain, B2B, cross-border and crowdsourcing (Dada) six logistics network. At present, Jingdong has nine major intelligent logistics center in the country, “Asia One”, is the largest in Asia, the largest degree of automation, one of the modern logistics center, at the same time, the country also operates 263 large warehouses, With nearly 7,000 distribution stations and since the mention point.

Over the next five years, Jingdong Logistics will also expand the logistics center area of ​​more than 50 million square meters, the construction of cross-regional aviation logistics network, expanding 15 times the current cold storage area, operating more than 20 self-employed overseas warehouse and cover more than 100 countries and Region, B2B logistics network will cover more than 300 cities, the future Jingdong logistics will be in the country every 150 km to build a logistics center, so that electricity business shopping “at your fingertips.”

Analysis of the industry, Jingdong logistics was “2016 national warehousing enterprises 100” ranked first in the award, thanks to the past 10 years Jingdong logistics hard skills, to create the most retail supply chain system. The future of Jingdong logistics will be through the output of the ability to work with a number of partners to build a logistics, electricity, insurance, data, technology, including the wisdom of the supply chain value network, and become the most trusted partners of the wisdom of the supply chain Solution provider.

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